Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Where do I stand?

Being a smoker I have been pushed out of a pub to have a cigarette because the shitty no smoker thinks I am trying to kill them.

After the smoking ban came in I was told it is now a better environment for children. Being a mother I thought I would take my daughter to the pub for lunch to break up a very busy shopping day.

I went to my local Weatherspoons pub, a place I have taken my daughter and step son on a few occasions for lunch on a Saturday if we have been shopping and not once have I had a problem.

Yesterday, I went in with partner and daughter, to find a booth out of the way so we wouldn't annoy anyone enjoying a quiet drink (somewhere I always sit). The pub was quite empty, but from across the whole pub, the barman shouted out to us that children were not allowed in that part of the pub and we had to sit with the chavs and their screaming babies and toddlers who thought lunch out was throwing food in the nearest persons hair. The area children were allowed to sit in where as far away from the bar, food order area, but near the toilets

I walked into the area with some confusion, not understanding why I hadn't had a problem with where I sat before, saw what the atmosphere was like and walked straight out.

We ended up settling for KFC, which I must say wasn't what I fancied and being treated like a chav put me in a mega foul mood.

Who the fuck does the barman think he is telling me where I can and cannot sit. Also I thought the pub was now a safer and kid friendly environment. WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS.

I was humiliated infront of the few people who were in the pub, being shouted at like that.

Well the Moon on the Hill in Surrey can fuck off. Treating my family like that means you have lost customers and people I talk to will be tempted to go to other places that do not have a problem with normal, quiet children.

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