Tuesday, September 1, 2009


After reading this and remembering the food I used to love as a child and the things I haven't had in ages also got me thinking about the things I remember as a child, like...

...my nan singing in the kitchen as she cooked (first verse of one song, chorus of a second song in the same tune as the first and the second verse of a third song)

My mum taking me to St Paul's Cathedral and me being too scared of heights to even think about looking up.

My cousin coming to stay in the holidays.

Me staying at my cousins house and us having fish and chips.

Going to Florida with my parents and their friends

Me learning to ride my bike. On stabilisers in the front room on carpet until they broke then it was out the dirt track (behind the garages) with my dad letting go of the bike while I peddle as if my life depended on it and taking a quick look back to see he wasn't there and then falling off my bike.

I forgot half this stuff until I sat down and really thought about it.


andtherewasmethinking said...

Cor stabilisers, I remember them. And the glance over the shoulder just before you hit the deck. I also remember taping the Charts on Sunday, building dens, sneaking a fag out the back and quaffing polos.

Linkage reciprocated.

Mummy x

Screaming Banshee said...

Taping the top 10 each week. I forgot about that.

My main top 1 was Will Smith (boom shake the room)