Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Job number 204 applied for

As you may know from previous posts I have been looking for work since February.

I had been out of work for 4 months, had applied for over 200 jobs and had only 2 interviews.

Well all that changed on Friday. A recruitment agency had emailed me a job that they thought I should apply for. I did at 1pm. By 3pm they had called me to ask if I was able to drive and when I could start.

5.50pm Friday night my mobile rang again and I was informed that the company liked my CV and they wanted me in for an interview Monday morning at 10am.

The weekend flew by and Monday morning was here, I was very nervous as I hadn't been in for an interview for a while. I walked in (45 minutes early) and waited until they were ready to see me.

The interview went by very quickly. The interview had gone really well, so I thought I might have been in with a chance.

All day Monday I was waiting for the call to say either yes or no. Monday night came and went, very nervous. I couldn't think about the job otherwise I couldn't relax.

Tuesday morning came by very slowly. I took my daughter to school, came home and started on the housework and my womanly chores. 10.30 my mobile rang, it was the agency. The lady asked me how I thought the interview had went, she explained that there were 2 other people who had applied for the job and who had also had their interview on Monday.

There was a pause for a bit before she said the words that I had been waiting to hear...

..."They want to offer you the job, do you want to take it?"

I was jumping around the front room screaming when I got off the phone. I start on Monday and I am really, really excited. This job is one I get start from scratch, and really get my teeth into it.

I really hoped I could celebrate last night, but unfortunately everyone was busy. So I am hoping we can celebrate at the weekend.

Now, I am off to make a list of all the new clothes and equipment I need for this new job.

Handbag, - Bought the bag this afternoon as well as a new top :-)
New dresses,
New suits...


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