Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This is a worry for people applying for jobs

As you will know I have been applying for jobs since December, but only keeping track as of February on how many I have applied for.

I have applied for quite a few online and on Tuesday 23rd June it was brought to my attention that even though I had applied for a job and had an email of confirmation that my application had been accepted, my application form had not been received.

Because I had chased the job up I was then told that the job had closed and they were short listing people.

I was quite upset and asked if there was a chance that I could reapply. I sent a copy of the email I had received stating that my application had been accepted and they kindly agreed that I had until 2pm yesterday afternoon to resubmit it.

My main concern is how many other companies that have this system have not received applications even though an email of confirmation has been sent.

What also worries me is that out of the 200 jobs I have applied for and not heard from (173 to be exact), how many did not actually receive my application form.

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