Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Why is life so god damn difficult?

When you are a kid, the worst thing you had to worry about was who was going to be your friend that day at school.

Now, you have to worry about a mortgage, bills, kids of your own.

Or in my case finding a bloody job.

Also, I wish I could click my fingers and the house would be clean. We are having the electricians over this week and the whole of downstairs looks like a bomb has gone off. What has made the matter worse, the old man who lived here before, who according to the neighbours was a perfectionist (my fucking arse) has fucked up all works done to the whole house.

For example:

We took down a curtain rail in the dining room, it was held up by 4 different length and type screws.

The pond we destroyed (dangerous with very clumsy children and me) had wire running through the cement. It took a kangol and a sledge hammer before the fucking thing waved the white flag and fell.

The summer house at the bottom of the garden (home to the huge black spiders that even the cat was afraid of) had been built with whatever the man could get his hands on.

This man was a fuck up from start to finish.

Because of the shitty work he has done, we now have to get a brand new kitchen. I think the only way around this is to knock down the house and to start again lol.

How are we now suposed to pay for all this work and a wedding when I cannot get a fucking job?
It is not as if I haven't been looking. 184 jobs applied for 2 interviews and 25 letters of rejection.

I thought this government were supposed to be helping the people who are out of work?

UKIP have my vote this time round.
Everyone who hates Labour should vote them. :-)


Let someone who actually knows what they are doing have a go. My god, my 9 year old daughter could probably do a better job than Gorden "fucking smiler" Brown.

Rol over and die Gorden, either that or step down. Your choice :-)

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