Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I was in Nero today to get my boss a coffee. Because I had gone for him he offered to buy me one to say thank you.

I ordered the Amaretto Latte which comes with an amaretto biscuit. I bit into my biscuit to nearly break a tooth on a bit.

After washing it and having a closer inspection I saw it was a stone. I asked a couple of colleagues to double check. They all said it was a stone.

I went straight back to Nero's to demand an explanation. They took the stone from me, promised to send it to Head Office. They took my name, number and address and gave me the money for the biscuit and a loyalty card that allows me a free coffee next time I go in.

I go into that branch of Nero's nearly every lunchtime, so I know the manager cannot fob me off. But I am looking forward to see how far this goes. :-)

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