Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Just checking the date here, it is the 18th November isn't it?

I have just been out with the other half and child. Driving down the road I have seen 2 houses with their Christmas lights out and on.

Is it just me or are these people utter wankers and need to be told that Christmas will always be and has always been around the 12th December onwards.

You can't walk down the town without hearing Christmas music, seeing decorations and Christmas magazines etc in September.

I thought we celebrated Christmas to celebrate the life of Jesus, not so large companies can make even more money out of their customers because they can.

What ever happened to the whole nativity scene and the Christmas carolers?

All you get now is a group of teenagers knocking on your door who cannot sing at note to save their lives to then hurl abuse at you when you do not give them money.

If I could make a time machine I would go back in time to live when Christmas actually meant something, not just 3 months of hell for one day to stuff your face and get pissed. Opening presents you don't want, seeing people you don't want to see and parting with your hard earned cash because you have been told that all kids must have the latest, most expensive thing they can think of.

A friend of mine told me that their child asked them for a Nintendo Wii with Steering Wheel and 4 games. Total Cost £269.00, Games for the DS at £30 a piece and all the latest boy branded games, toys and clothes. If that was my kid I would have told him to go and get himself a job. A bit tricky really seen as he is only 6.

If I had asked for things like that when I was a kid, I would have got a clip round the ear and told where to go. I would have received a game and a satsuma and told to get over it.

Kids these days are spoilt rotten.

But getting back to the houses I saw earlier with Christmas light on. Has someone got a spare shotgun, so I can shoot the tossers?

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