Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How the British should have done it

THIS is how Britain should have done it.

Instead of this...

A bunch of twats all bitching between themselves and not having the balls to stand up for themselves.

It is times like this I wish I was Turkish.

A smoker I once knew told me that you can't beat the government. Well it is people like that who are holding the country back. We need to kick the fucking righteous out and bring people like the turks in.

I think she needs to read around to see that people are standing up to the government whether it be for smoking or something else.

If everyone listened to the government and what they are doing and think how it could effect them, if it was something that meant a lot to them, then this country and its people would be unstoppable.

First the smokers in this country, the people on the larger size, then the drinkers, then the people who eat processed meat. WHO NEXT????

The people who like to wear tank tops??

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