Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Front and Back of a Speed Camera

Below you will see two pictures of a speed camera. The front and the back.

I know this sounds silly after having speed cameras for quite a while now, but something I have noticed driving to and from work which I must admit has given me a few giggles.

I was driving home today and I was following this guy (yes a male driver, which shocked me) and coming up to a speed camera which was facing the other way he has slammed on his brakes to a 20mph crawl.

Having to slow down behind him did annoy me a bit as I wanted to get home, but watching him check his rear view mirror to see if he had set the camera off (which was facing the other fucking way) made me laugh.

I thought women were bad drivers, but this was the best.

If you are one of these people, please take a good look at the pictures above and learn that if you see a big yellow or grey bit of metal it is the back of the speed camera and it is facing the other fucking direction.


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