Sunday, June 14, 2009

Odd balls of the world

I have been going through MSN and have come across the following.

This man is a transgender and has just given birth to his second child.

He is legally male, but opted to keep his female sex organs.

Thomas and his wife Nancy had a daughter (Susan Juliette) on June 29 2008. On June 9 2009 they had a son.

This man has what has been described as bark like warts to sprout from his arms and legs.

Doctors removed more than 2kg of the warts, but in December 2008 the warts returned.

Yu Zhenhuan was named the hairiest man in 2002.
Over 90% of his body is covered with hair.
In 2007 Yu Zhenhuan made an attepmt to perform at the Olypics in China. He was not lucky however. Which is a shame as I think he would have made the whole evening go with a bang.

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