Sunday, June 21, 2009

£500,000 Payback

Figures (according to BBC News Website) show that 182 MP's have paid back £478,616 since May.

The money claimed has been tracked back as far as 2003.

Gordon Brown has had to pay back £800.

David Cameron has paid back £947.

Barbara Follett paid back one of the largest sums at £32,976. £25,411 of the money went to security patrols after she was mugged. After looking at her picture I personally think that a few cardboard cut outs around her home should be enough to keep tresspassers out (I am willing to use my tax money for that lol)

Elliott Morely, who claimed for a mortgage that had already been paid has paid back an extra £20,000. Guilt perhaps or maybe he has been able to hide away another expense that no-one actually knows about yet. So how many whores did we pay for?

Repaid claims were published on the Parliament website on Friday morning but
were later removed and replaced with a message that the list was "being

On Friday evening a spokeswoman for the House of Commons
Commission said a number of names were being removed from the list.

She said they should not have been included because their repayments were not
connected to the recently published expense claims.

The MPs removed were Andrew Miller, Ann Coffey, Ian McCartney, Greg Mulholland, Daniel Kawczynski, Lynne Featherstone and Mark Harper. The commission said their repayments related to 2008/9 claims or involved items such as in-year adjustments of mortgages or suppliers returning money.

Roberta Blackman-Woods was also being taken off because she was wrongly listed instead of her colleague Liz Blackman, and the name Roger Packer was taken off because he is not an MP.

Labour - have had to pay back 66% or £316,027 of the total amount.
Conservatives - have had to pay back 27% or £130,798 of the total amount.
Lib Dems - have had to pay back 5% or £27,082 of the total amount.

The top break downs are as follows:

1. Phil Hope - Labour - £42,674
2. Elliott Moreley - Labour - £36,800
3. Barbara Follett - Labour - £32,976
4. Jonathan Djanogly - Conservatives - £25,000
5. Keith Vaz - Labour - £18,949
6. Sir Alan Haselhurst - Conservatives - £15,653
7. Barry Gardiner - Labour - £15,229
8. Paddy Tipping - Labour - £14,320
9. Paul Goggins - Labour - £11,680
10. Howard Stoate - Labour - £11,255

I think the list above says it all. Labour think they owe us fuck all and we owe them £316,027.

Well, as soon as Gordon Brown and his arse lickers are out of power, the happier and more relaxed United Kingdom will be.

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