Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ben Gardner - Murdered 30/10/2009

This wonderful, kind hearted, caring man was brutally attacked and murdered on 30th October 2009.

He was protecting his girlfriend after she had her witches hat stolen by a group of gutless, wankering thugs.

2 people have been arrested and a post mortem has been held.

It was a tragic day when this happened. It is also said that 2 other people were killed that night in other parts of London.

What have the government done to the youth of today?

The 2 people who have been arrested for the murder of Ben Gardner were both unemployed fucktards who have plenty of money to burn on a piss up on a Saturday night.

I remember when I was unemployed (it was only for a short time), it was a nightmare buying food for the fridge, never mind being out on the piss at 3.30 in the morning.

As I have known Ben for 13 years, it was a major shock to find this news out on the news. As Mr Banshee said I crumpled and collapsed as if someone had taken my legs away.

I had only seen Ben a couple of weeks before where my 9 year old daughter met him for the first time and fell in love with him.

Ben was the softest man you could ever meet. He was always wearing his leather jacket and his smile shone always.

I will be updating as I find out more information and all I can say about the murderers "Rot in Hell and I hope you get what you deserve. Hopefully you will get your heads kicked in whilst you are in prison."

R.I.P Ben, you will be missed forever and everyone will love and miss you always. xxx

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