Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Conspiracy or Not?

World Trade Center: Destroyed by controlled explosions or using thermate
Pentagon: Hit by missile rather than airliner
Princess Diana: Murdered rather than being killed by reckless driving on part of Henri Paul
Apollo 11: Moon landings never took place, were staged on earth
JFK: Lee Harvey Oswald not acting alone, part of underworld or wider conspiracy

BBC News has the full story.

In 2006 the Scripps Howard Media Organisation conducted a poll which suggested 36% of Americans suspect there was government involvement or deliberate inaction in the 9/11 attacks.

They also say that 40% believe in a Kennedy conspiracy.

It also showed that 10 years after Diana's death a fifth of the British population believe she was murdered.

I don't have an opinion on the Kennedy conspiracy as it was about 30 years before I was born, so I am unaware of all the details.

I strongly believe that Bush knew all about the 9/11 attacks and did fuck all about it. I also believe that he had the Pentagon targeted too. He would have done anything to make his name big and to make sure his reign in power was remembered. He didn't care if it was for the wrong reasons. He targeted Iraq because of the oil and the money involved. Not taking into account or consideration the amount of people that could and have died.

I have always said that Diana was murdered. I also believe it was Charles who wanted Diana out of the way. He wanted to marry Camilla, but wouldn't do it while Diana was alive and he didn't like the fact that Diana had moved on and was happy.

I would love to know the little bit of information that, if leaked would put everyone and everything straight.

I would love the knowledge.


Barking Spider said...

I believe them all except the Moon landing conspiracy as I have seen it well and truly scientifically debunked. They couldn't have faked the Moon/lunar module film so well in 1969 - it looks too real for the time to be anything else.

As for 9/11, I have also seen a few frames of what definitely looked like a missile heading straight at the Pentagon and if you cast your mind back, there was no visible plane wreckage at the Pentagon, no sign of damage caused by the wings of the "plane", (wing wreckage also not visible), and absolutely no sign of any tailplane wreckage!

Screaming Banshee said...

Barking Spider, I said exactly the same about 9/11.

Chris: said...

One of the easiest conspiracy theories to believe is the JFK assination back in 1963, in Dallas Texas.
As outlined in the film JFK, with Kevin Costner, many specifics relating to the killing were either ignored or completely hidden from public scrutiny.

Take Oswald for instance, why when supposedly having just shot the Predident, he simply hangs around in the book depository...why not make good his escape?
Nor was he capable of firing three shots from a bolt action rifle in about six-seconds...just too difficult.
Or how about the autopsy...the resident surgeon at the local hospital wasn't allowed to do his job, and the body was removed quickly - why?

Remember the magic bullet? How it was able to twist and turn, defying the laws of physics...in fact this bullet was so special that it ended up in the well of the car door in pristine condition.

President Kennedy was also shot from the front as seen on the Magruder film...his head went back and too the left...in other words two shooters, and not just one. Perhaps there were even more than two.

Conspiracy?...You bet!

Anonymous said...

You're both idiots. I understand the need to be angry at the government, but don't cheapen the lives lost by suggesting that the airplane going into the field (not into the Pentagon, as it obviously missed)was a missle. Although, you could always ask the families of those who died in the crash...maybe they can shed some light.