Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Softly, Softly

This was on Hello Magazine:

Price of Tony Blair's mansion drops by £560,000

The value of former prime minister Tony Blair's main
home has dropped by more than half a million pounds.
The Connaught Square mansion in central London, which Mr Blair and wife
Cherie paid £3.65 million for in 2004, has decreased by an estimated
£560,000 due to the recession.
After purchasing a mews house directly behind the property for £1.27
million in 2007, the couple's spending on the house amounts to £4.92
Now, an estate agent has valued the 5,400 square feet pad
at £4.36 million."We estimate that, in real terms, the property has
probably lost about 23 per cent of its value since the market peak in 2007," the
agent says.
"He will need to hold on to it for several more years to see a positive
return on his investment."When the Blairs initially moved there, prices in the
area increased, in part due to the 24-hour security they brought with them.The
couple also own a mansion in Aylesbury and two flats in Bristol.

All I can say is...

...About fucking time!!!

Softly, softly and all that :-)

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Barking Spider said...

My heart bleeds for him - not!