Monday, September 14, 2009

NHS Not Bad

I have said before that my doctors surgery is shit, BUT I may have found a doctor that actually takes notice.

I took my daughter to see the doctor today as she suffers from IBS. We have found out that cheese also makes my daughter suffer. She had severe stomach cramps and was stuck on the toilet for hours all in all over the night and this morning.

She came home from her dads on Sunday and had some bruises on her legs. I instantly asked questions and took pictures.

I made an appointment at the doctors regarding her stomach as I wanted it on her notes that it was cheese that upset her also stress of staying at her fathers.

Whilst we were in the doctors she showed the doctor her bruises and straight away he asked what happened. She explained the whole thing about how her and her dad play fight. The doctor took a close look at the bruises and measured them too. He said that the biggest one looked like a thumb print.

I now have it on record that it happened at her dads house as I am now worried that the way the government has gone, if my daughters teacher (friend of her dads) sees the bruises whilst she is changing for P.E. and she lives with me, I am going to be the first person to blame.

My daughter is always coming home from school covered in bruises, but that is ok. If it happens at home then I am the abuser.


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Pat Nurse said...

My grand daughter had to go to the doctors the other day because she had a water infection. My daughter was outraged when the GP asked if "she had been interfered with".
He then apologised and said new guidelines dictated he had to ask.

Parents these days as viewed as abusers and perverts... or is it just those who live in council flats..?