Sunday, August 16, 2009

UK are the worst

It has to be said that United Kingdom are a bunch of wankers and they expect people to live in something smaller than a shoe box

The floor area and room sizes are the smallest in Europe - the average room in a newly built dwelling in France is 26.9 square metres, compared with 15.8 square metres in the UK
The sofa won't fit into the living room. There's not enough room for children to play in the kitchen as you cook
I used to work in the construction business and for what the companies charge us for the flats, houses and bedsits is an absolute rip off. You should expect a minimum of 23 square meters.

What is this country coming too? I think we need to bomb the whole country and start again.


Barking Spider said...

It worked for the Germans!

Screaming Banshee said...

True, but I still think blow the country up and start again.