Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Got a call from the doctor yesterday to tell me my nurse had been rushed to hospital and they had to cancel my appointment for my contraceptive injection.

I knew I would be ok for a couple of days because they have a couple of days either way.

What I wasn't expecting was a call from the surgery today to tell me that I was supposed to have had my injection last week. The receptionist had miscounted 12 weeks and put me in on week 13.

I was told to take a pregnancy test in my lunch hour (had to drive 10 minutes to the local supermarket) and to then call back for an appointment. I had to pay £5 for an own brand pregnancy kit. It contains 2 kits, I only needed 1 so I now have a spare kit.

I called the surgery and was given my time for my jab after my test came back negative.

I had to leave work early tonight, just so I could make the appointment. When I got to the doctors I was made to wait half an hour before I was seen.

Now I know for a fact I didn't make a mistake in the dates and the doctor said it is what is on his file, which says to me that the doctors made the mistake. So I am still waiting for a apology and I want my £5 back.

As you can imagine I am not a happy puppy.

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