Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Labours biggest losers

Labour have bled the whole of the country dry over the last 12 years.

After the recent exposure into the accounts of the members of parliament, Labour have come out with the most disgusting account possible.

Health Minister Phil Hope has been exposed as the dirtiest of the lot having to repay a whopping £41,709 of tax payers money back.

Another Labour loser is Margaret Moran who charged £22,500 on her second home for dry rot.

Hazel Blears is paying back £13,332 in respect of capital gains tax on the sale of her second home.

Mr Hope has said in his defense...

"I have worked very hard over the last twelve years to represent and fight for my constituents and their opinion of me as a person matters hugely to both myself and my wife Allison.

"We feel very badly hurt by what has happened and although I kept to the rules laid down by Parliament I cannot allow this dreadful perception about what I claimed in allowances to continue.

"Whatever the right and wrongs of the allowance system this issue has fundamentally changed the view people have of me and that is something I cannot bear."

To follow, Mr Hope then followed with this utter bullshit
"it is very difficult to find that kind of money"

So if we paid for his second home, the whole of the £41,709, then he has the money and is trying to get out of paying it back.

Now if I had stolen that amount of money, they would have me infront of a judge before a blink of an eye and I would be doing time for tax fraud.

Q: What makes them so different from me?

A: They are all sucking Gordon Browns cock.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Wait till you read more on how much of a complete turd Margaret Moran is.

By comparison, Phil Hope appears honourable.

wv - bills (the most apposite ever!)

Screaming Banshee said...

I will blog that tomorrow. :-)