Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chicken Shit

Do you recognise the faces above?


Well, let me explain, the pig at the top is called Margaret Moron (sorry Moran) and she claimed £22,500 for dry rot in a home that did not belong to her which us tax payers paid for.

The slut on the bottom is Julie Kirkbride, she has fucked us over with her husband by one claiming on their first home, whilst the other has claimed on their second home. Again us taxpayers have paid for these.

Both of these ladies, as far as I am concerned, are chicken shit because they have decided to stand down from thier posts in parliament all because they are too scared to wait their fate at the next election (4th June) and lose their seats through votes.

What you will see below is my idea of how we should treat all the MP's who have fucked us all.


Dick Puddlecote said...

You went easy on Moran.

She didn't just claim for dry rot. She also used our tax money to pay her parliamentary staff to work for her and her husband's company.

When that company was rebuffed for work, she used her position to send letters on Westminster headed paper, bullying the department concerned into using her services.

Her company was paid £30,000 from government on top of her fraudulent expenses (for no work at all), and she also paid herself over £6k as a consultancy fee from her own business. All from the government.

THEN she claimed £22k on dry rot on her holiday home.

She also got one of her employees to nominate her for the Women of the Year Awards, and reported a constituency member to the Clubs and Institutes Union for having the temerity to lobby her on an issue with which he disagreed. Surely that is the entire point of being an MP?

She has now said she won't stand at the next election, but will take her pay until she was to be forced out anyway.

She hasn't apologised and says she has done nothing wrong.

Disgrace, pure and simple.

Screaming Banshee said...

So a firing squad is too nice then?!

How about a very slow hanging, where we pull the rope bit by bit. Sod kicking the stool away, let the fucking bitch suffer.

Tory Poppins said...

Great blog! ;-) Great post!