Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Racist Nation

Jade Goody

I was watching the telly trying to enjoy a nice quiet night relaxing after a long day at work to hear the crap OK! Magazine are spouting out about the late Jade Goody.

OK! Magazine are now saying that a nation is mourning the Big Brother Celebrity.

So the nation is mourning a thick as shit racist waste of space.

She has given birth to two children who now have the memory of a mother who is as I have said before a racist thick bitch, a dad who again is as thick as shit, a step dad (well doesn't need explaining really does it?) and their nan who has had to have surgery to try to make her look half decent (sue the surgeon) and a history of drug abuse.

The children are better off hiding in the shadows.

So if the nation are mourning a racist thick as shit waste of space, what sort of nation are we?

I think this explains why Great Britain is a laughing joke country. Oh yeah and we have Gordon Brown :-)

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