Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 a bad year

Not to sound cynical but I have a funny feeling 2009 is going to be a bad year.

On Saturday 10th I had an argument with my ex because he is the biggest cock going and thinks his new wife can dictate to me when she is to have my daughter.

It is bad enough the wife is in the picture, but to hear my daughter call her Mum really gets my goat.

My ex is a 40 something bald bloke (by choice) who believes WWE Wrestling is real. He had me, who made sure everything was done for him around the house, but as my lovely bloke says he was an idiot who kicked me to the kerb to fuck some bird with 1 eye who makes him do everything.

Him leaving me did me the biggest favour in my life EVER because I have been able to grow as a person and I have been able to find the love of my life.

My daughter came home from his house on Saturday in tears because Daddy had bullied her into saying she wanted Christmas Day and Boxing Day 2009 with him.

Since my daughter's Dad left we have shared Christmas Day and Boxing day. We alternated who had her which day. It has always worked this way until 2007 when the new wife (then girlfriend) had my ex take me to court to file for custody. The new wife wants my daughter as her own. Obviously they didn't get what they wanted and haven't paid any maintenance since.

If my ex and I need to make arrangements we will do so, but we are only allowed to do it through his new wife as I think she is afraid I will confess some undying love for him. Which to be honest makes me feel violently sick just thinking about it.

I have video footage of bruising on my daugther where her dad has picked her up over his head and has thrown her across the front room onto the sofa. Is it me or is this child abuse?
When we were in court, I tried to get my solicitor to bring the subject up, but he didn't.

I have had the police on standby as my ex has threatened to take my daughter out of the country and never to return. He had taken her on holiday for a week to Spain and refused to give the passport back.

My God, I could go on forever and ever of all the things he has done to both my daughter and me, but I think I will leave this for another time.

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