Monday, November 17, 2008


Another one about the police.

I got broken into just after new year. I called the police as soon as I got home from work (7pm) to be told the police would be with me within the hour.

10pm still nothing so called them again. 11pm came and went, it was around 11.30 when I had a call from the police to say that they would be round first thing the next morning.

12noon the next day two officers came by. Only 17 hours later!!!!

The police did a door to door to see if anyone had seen or heard anything. A neighbour called the police because she thought that there were bogus police officers on her door step. 2 PCSO (police want to be) arrived in no time and had the cheek to knock on my door asking if I knew of anyone down the road who had broken into. To say I was stunned is an understatement.

I had to show the PCSO officers my broken window before they believed I had originally called the police. I had to tell the PCSO officers the PC's names and numbers as well as show them the card I had been given. What made me really laugh was the police car had been parked outside the neighbours house.

Forensics turned up at 2pm, dusted the window and said that the print was smudged so it wouldn't give them anything.

After that for the next month I got calls from victim support, three times a week.


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Womble On Tour said...

And people are surprised at this morning's annoucement that Plod solve less than half of violent crime.
Given this performance, the surprise for me is that they manage to solve ANY.